Width: 50 mm to 250 mm

Thickness: 6 mm to 200 mm

Today's hard to imagine construction or repair work without lumber. The most popular material in the construction market, the most popular among other is - Cutting board.

Its use is unlimited, because the tree will never lose its value. This board can be of sturdy as well as varieties of the simplest and most commonly from oak, pine or spruce...


Width from 100 mm to 500 mm

Thickness: 6 mm to 250 mm

Delivered edging board from «ISOTRONIC GROUP» may be of different sizes: from 6 mm to 250 mm; different species of trees: coniferous or deciduous.

This natural wood, partially characterized edges sawn off and the bark on the sides...


Width: 20 mm to 250 mm

Thickness: 20 mm to 250 mm

Usually, lumber is the category of products manufactured from wood in construction. To date, one of the most relevant is the - board.

Without the timber does not do any construction, the timber laid in the foundation of the entire construction process: the roof, walls, window frames, floor, roof construction, a variety of floors, decorative material, etc...


Width: 20 mm to 250 mm

Thickness: 20 mm to 250 mm

The bar is one of the very popular lumber. This material has a lot of popularity since it is strong, lightweight, durable and easy to use.

Bar - a timber that hewn from all sides and has a square or rectangular cross-sectional shape...

Pallet boards

Width: 50 mm to 160 mm

Thickness: 12 mm to 32 mm

We offer high quality workpiece pallet. Pallet harvesting - a board that is used for the production of pallets and wood packaging.

Workpiece pallet can be made as separate parts or pallets with a complete set of self-assembly. Pallet harvesting is done mainly of pine...

Packaging timber

Width: 50 mm to 150 mm

Thickness: 6 mm to 22 mm

Packaging timber - is edging board on all four sides, no wane, but with a smooth surface. A width of 6 mm to 22 mm and a thickness of from 50 mm to 150 mm.

This plate is made of coniferous and deciduous trees. Such a board is used for furniture, decor, baskets, boxes, containers...