Acacia (lat. Acacia) - hard rock, resistant to decay and the effects of harmful organisms. Very tight and waterproof material. Will not crack, warp, does not deteriorate in any weather.

Furniture made of acacia - is a quality product. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the timber comprises a fibrous structure, a large amount of gluten and resins that make it resistant to all weather conditions.

Impeccable strength and elegant setting for creating compelling decoration - it is what is right for the modern lifestyle.



Linden (lat. Tília) - it melliferous tree perfectly suited as a building material. His velvety fragrance creates a unique atmosphere, passes rich smell of flowering, shade poured honey velvet.

The wood does not warp or crack. It is soft, light and sticky. Well colored and processed.

Used in the manufacture of lining and shelves for finishing saunas, plywood, Drawing boards, sculptures, wooden utensils, toys, discs. Also, for the manufacture of air and ship-modeling, in fact turning.



Poplar (lat. Pópulus) - poplar wood is soft and light, smooth texture. Easy to process, virtually does not crack. Used in furniture, construction, pulp - paper industry and for the manufacture of lumber.

Poplar produce: bars, boards, logs, beams, decorative veneer, chipboard and fibreboard. It is with poplars, most often built animal husbandry and trusses.



Alder (lat. Álnus) - straight grained, soft, lightweight wood that is well cut, polished, a little warped. Dominated by excellent resistance to water and spectacular color change when heated.

The hottest material in finishing baths and saunas. It is believed that the lining of alder has healing properties, as This environmentally friendly product has no harmful compounds Smolny. The material does not overheat, has thermal insulation and sound insulation properties.

Still, lining with alder used for manhole log houses, piles, mine props.



Aspen (lat. Pópulus trémula) - is soft and lightweight, smooth texture, whiteness. Less amenable to a wormhole, is highly resistant to moisture. As we age, it becomes stronger.

Widespread use of aspen holds for interior finishing baths and saunas, for carving, for the manufacture of the flank, the tub, troughs, cellars, wells, etc.



Birch (Lat. Bétula) - elastic, moderately hard, fine structure with an expressive structure. Great polished, easy to work and cut, well polished.

Birch perfect such products: plywood, parquet, peeled veneer, carpentry, forgery, souvenirs, toys, decorative items, a variety of wood-based panels.

Birch is perfectly amenable to simulate fine wood, so is widely used in the furniture industry.



Spruce (lat. Pícea) - the most common conifers. It is light and soft, easily colored, medium plasticity is not less prone to cracking, resinous little resistant to deformation.

Spruce is used for pulp and paper industry, for the production of furniture, floors, doors, shingles, shingles, as well as musical instruments.



Pine (lat. Pínus) - type genus of conifers in the family Pinaceae. Pine wood is hard, strong and supple.

It is an ideal material, it is resistant to temperature extremes, does not warp, does not crack, rot resistant, easy to grinding. Has the ability to regulate humidity, light has a soothing scent of pine needles and attractive grain pattern.

Pine wood can be used in the construction industry, in the field of carpentry and furniture or home construction.